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Good afternoon, Mr. Kamakura.

Last week's Saturday, there was a reunion of my host family's relatives, because・・・・



Good afternoon, Mr. Kamakura.

Last week's Saturday, there was a reunion of my host family's relatives, because my host brother Shanon bought a land to build a house. I cooked Japanese egg rolls in front of them, and the relatives said that my egg rolls were delicious. Some of them asked me how to cook, so I taught how to cook egg rolls. After that, I went to a park which is near to my house and played with their children. Tarzan rope was very fun, but I got a little bit dizzy. On that day, children said that they were going to stay in my host family's house and I thought talking or playing with them would be troublesome, because they are already bored with the park. Maybe they had asked me to play with them. However, they were a lot patient and I was able to spend a wonderful Saturday.

On the next day, I went to a place called "clip'n climb," and did a rock climbing with my host sister, Alexis and one of her relatives, Garcy. It was easy to climb, but the problem was getting down. I knew the rope would let me fall slowly, but when I looked down, I became like a chicken. However, I got used to the height, and at last, I was like a professional. I was able to climb to the highest place. I wish I can go there again.

As for the school, I've already made lots of friends. There is a system called "House (teams that compete in swimming carnival or athletic carnival)" at my school, and I became friends with D'angelo and Suntosh. In swimming carnival, I got the 2nd place in backstroke, and that's the reason why I started to talk with them. I always talk with D'angelo and Suntosh, especially. When I played piano in front of them, they said it was cool. Also, when there was a filming project, I contributed to my team by taking videos with my iPad and narrating. I was very happy to work with them. Also, I became friends with James and Boma (I don't know whether the spelling is right or wrong). I talk with them during the recess and lunch time. They are really funny and makes me laugh. I am very glad that they are my friends. Well, I actually have more friends, but there are too many to mention in this email (lol)!

Sincerely, S.S.